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Белый кролик ресторан на Смоленской

White Rabbit
+7 (495) 782 62 62
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12:00-00:00 (Пн-Вс)
больше 3500 руб. Европейская, Русская, Вегетарианская, Авторская

В ресторане «White rabbit» готовят еду и коктейли с театральной подачей. Здесь можно получить  эстетическое и гастрономическое наслаждение от сочетаний традиционной кухни с современными кулинарными трендами. Панорамный вид на Москву с обзором в 360 градусов делает «White rabbit» одним из самых уникальных в столице.

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  • Сомелье
г.Москва, пл.Смоленская, д.3

Арбатская, Смоленская, Киевская
Поделитесь мнением о ресторане
Elvis Rodricks
7 октября 2019, 03:20 Foursquare.com
Great view and definitely a place to visit... the food offerings are one of a kind and exceeded expectations- a must when in Moscow
Jerry Katell
2 сентября 2019, 21:26 Foursquare.com
Fabulous views and food
Erika Elorza
1 сентября 2019, 21:07 Foursquare.com
It was delicious!!! The mini-sandwich with black caviar is amazing and the rabbit cocktail is also delicious. You have to go if you are in Moscow 😊 Читать дальше...
15 августа 2019, 15:19 Foursquare.com
A must go in Moscow!!
Ugur Aktug
27 июля 2019, 22:59 Foursquare.com
Great food, great ambiance but extremely slow service. Make sure you make a reservation and order quick.
Kholoud Al-Rajhi
15 июля 2019, 03:08 Foursquare.com
One of the amazing restaurants in Moscow .. With beautiful view .. And special food
Abdullah Saud
13 июля 2019, 22:15 Foursquare.com
It's very ramantic but you have to be patient the kitchen is very small and orders take long time to be ready.
Faisal .
11 июля 2019, 00:22 Foursquare.com
Views only
Ronald DL
17 июня 2019, 19:03 Foursquare.com
Make a reservation otherwise do not expect the staff to be helpful. The bar section is setup for dining but it really does not do the atmosphere justice. Toilet has better vibe than the bar Читать дальше...
Panos P.
25 марта 2019, 17:25 Foursquare.com
Great experience!
Anna Aytkulova
25 ноября 2018, 21:36 Foursquare.com
Renowned restaurant with a glass roof and panoramic view of the cityscape. Be massively surprised by bold experimentation with Russian cuisine. Ideal place for a romantic dinner or celebration. Читать дальше...
Gabriele Guidoni
24 октября 2018, 01:11 Foursquare.com
Upscale "Alice in Wonderland-like" themed restaurant and luxury lounge-bar with fine-dining Russian and European menu, all set in a domed glass rooftop on the 16th floor of "Smolenskiy Passage". Читать дальше...
Nikas Art
22 сентября 2018, 18:52 Foursquare.com
Great place & food
Jose Miguel Caruso
17 сентября 2018, 11:47 Foursquare.com
The lamb is excellent
Reem S
22 августа 2018, 19:06 Foursquare.com
My husband took me there for a birthday surprise lunch,fantastic food, and the birthday cake was so good, it looks like a donuts, but it turns out to be a cake.Don't forget to order a mushroom risotto Читать дальше...
Jimena Lozano
21 июля 2018, 01:53 Foursquare.com
Very nice place...great view...mushroom risotto is very good
Ralitsa Ivanova
10 июня 2018, 22:40 Foursquare.com
Food is good but the service is horrible. Time slots are really poorly managed during peak hours, it takes over 30min to bring beers and the tables are super close to each other (can hear others)! Читать дальше...
Dorcas Chan
4 июня 2018, 15:42 Foursquare.com
Delicious food, good service and amazing view. It's a little bit expensive, but I will visit again
Michaela Ondrejičková
31 марта 2018, 16:20 Foursquare.com
Wonderful meal - awesome experience!!! Thank you! 😊👍🏼
Linh Le
9 января 2018, 14:59 Foursquare.com
Cozy and pleasant restaurant atmosphere. Delicious food, but small portions. Pricey, but distinguish taste. Don't forget to book a table 3-5 days beforehand. Didn't like the service at all. Читать дальше...
Jamie Barnard
11 декабря 2017, 10:55 Foursquare.com
Deco is amazing. Staff super friendly. Food is amazing. Defiantly a place to check out if visiting Moscow.
Alice Hu
23 октября 2017, 13:32 Foursquare.com
The staff needs to get their sh*t together. 5+ parties with reservations and still waiting 1-2hrs for a table. Come on!
Jesse Lane
29 августа 2017, 00:12 Foursquare.com
The tasting menu is absolutely worth the price. White glove service, incredible ambiance, and a great night out. Swan liver dish was a standout. Читать дальше...
Laszlo Beres
6 августа 2017, 14:53 Foursquare.com
A real top notch restaurant not only in Russia, but also worldwide.
Luiza Queirós
16 июля 2017, 20:05 Foursquare.com
The king crab from Murmansk with mushroom sauce and truffle oil (according to the waitress, it is one of the chef's speciality and it is off-menu) was the best meal of the table. Great octopus too. Читать дальше...
Izabel Hkg
13 июля 2017, 17:27 Foursquare.com
View, food, atmosphere and the drinks
Christian Renner
6 июля 2017, 12:47 Foursquare.com
location is incredible. Make sure you have a chance to see the sunset. Food is influenced by traditional Russian dishes. We had the tasting menu which I can recon. I expected a better service. Читать дальше...
Anton Degtyarev
16 июня 2017, 23:45 Foursquare.com
Great food, great service, great signature (!) cocktails. Oh yes, do get a table near the window and enjoy the view of Moscow centre.
Lígia Gomes
14 июня 2017, 15:38 Foursquare.com
The t-lamb and the honey cake it's incredible
Frank Bob
12 июня 2017, 12:17 Foursquare.com
Interior and view rated 7. Mediocre service 4. Food 6. Desserts 4. Total 5.25
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