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Доктор Живаго - ресторан Александра Раппопорта на Моховой

Dr. Живаго
  • Поделиться:
    +7 (495) 517 03 43
  • Поделиться:
    +7 (495) 517 03 43
  • Поделиться:
    +7 (495) 517 03 43
  • Поделиться:
    +7 (495) 517 03 43
  • Информация
  • Отзывы
  • Фото
  • Адрес
  • Афиша
24 часа
2500 - 3500 руб. Русская

Гранд-кафе «Dr. Живаго» - ресторан русской кухни Александра Раппопорта в самом центре столицы. Красивое и атмосферное место из окон которого, открывается прекрасный вид на Кремль. 

  • Wi-Fi
  • Живая музыка
  • Банкеты
  • Завтраки
г. Москва, ул. Моховая, д. 15, стр. 1 (отель Националь)

Охотный ряд, Театральная, Площадь Революции
Поделитесь мнением о ресторане
6 июня 2018, 22:26 Foursquare.com
Simply amazing. Professional and quick service, all the dishes are delicious. Boeuf stroganoff melts jn your mouth! For dessert, the blueberry cake is a must. Best place in Moscow to try Russian food. Читать дальше...
Rune Sovndahl
25 февраля 2018, 23:15 Foursquare.com
Their vegetarian borscht
Lina Verner
4 декабря 2017, 01:52 Foursquare.com
Decent Russian food, reasonable prices, stunning view of the Kremlin. Must-visit for everybody!
Alice Hu
23 октября 2017, 13:37 Foursquare.com
Very trendy! Free soda machine while waiting!
Maria Tsourti
2 октября 2017, 12:56 Foursquare.com
Both classic and modern! Nice food and desserts! Value for money!
Pranung-on Watanatham
30 сентября 2017, 14:04 Foursquare.com
My Napoleon
Nuha YR
2 сентября 2017, 13:27 Foursquare.com
Everything is beautiful!!! Food, decorations, and uniforms!😍
Pigeon & co. chap
29 июля 2017, 13:34 Foursquare.com
The food here is excellent! Its very nice to have a meal here, especially during the holidays! Authentic and delicious
Ralph Pighin
25 июля 2017, 15:19 Foursquare.com
Amazing breakfast spot. Try everything Russian it tastes great. To top it all off it is super affordable. Book well in advance.
Michael Lange
19 июля 2017, 16:46 Foursquare.com
Seating lady incompetent. Service very slow. Forgot the wine. Table cloth had a hole. Food great. Pity about service which had been much better before!!!! Читать дальше...
Vladislav Zakatov
13 июня 2017, 20:43 Foursquare.com
A perfect place to spend an evening with your mates. Get some vodka, sides and pelmenes. Enjoy a very authentic dinner, probably the best experience in Moscow. Читать дальше...
Frank Bob
2 июня 2017, 10:56 Foursquare.com
Was expecting a better experience: service is unequal, food served cold, famous beef stroganoff drowning in sour cream!
29 апреля 2017, 08:22 Foursquare.com
Such a fancy and beautiful place!Food is good , prices are decent and you can pay with credit card. Get a table with a view at the Red Square. Читать дальше...
Michael Fox-Rabinovitz
29 марта 2017, 16:51 Foursquare.com
Bit pretentious and overpriced, but lovely location in the very heart of the capital, great menu, although sometimes some is not available
Diego Gonzalez
29 декабря 2016, 19:36 Foursquare.com
One of the very few restaurants in the city worthy of a Michelin rating.
Lena Lenina
18 октября 2016, 15:22 Foursquare.com
I'm so surprised to be reading positive reviews of the place. Blunt fish, salad drowning in mayo, bad Mors, average dessert. Hostess is a vicious bitc*. Ok, fish soup was good and so were Pirozhki. Читать дальше...
Greg Zak
9 октября 2016, 22:22 Foursquare.com
Lots of hookers and their clients at night
Ruomeng Fan
4 октября 2016, 18:23 Foursquare.com
Everything is amazing !!Good location and good service.
4 октября 2016, 04:06 Foursquare.com
We reserved a table, but got seated right by the door (and restrooms). Food is affordable, but very average. They are slow to bring food out, and too quick to take the dishes back. Disappointing. Читать дальше...
Artem Tarasenko
15 сентября 2016, 17:21 Foursquare.com
I loved the borsch and their blueberry cake was delicious
Jeff S
22 августа 2016, 23:36 Foursquare.com
They sat us for 20 min and never came by. Waitresses kept saying 1 minute, but they served and spoke to many other tables. If you do not speak Russian, do not go here. Читать дальше...
Nader Kutliev
20 августа 2016, 12:05 Foursquare.com
Really enjoyed my breakfast. Great atmosphere and service. Must try it.
Tim Misir
28 июня 2016, 14:15 Foursquare.com
One of the best restaurants in Moscow. Get the Kamchatka crab (900 rub) or crab pelmeni (650 rub). 100 grams of black caviar costs 2,990 rubles- cheaper than from a shop! Open 24 hours. Читать дальше...
Nina Bellarosa
9 июня 2016, 21:47 Foursquare.com
Lovely food. I had a great breakfast. But please note, they don't accept cards, except Mir and American Express. So better come along with cash. Читать дальше...
Andrey Nikulin
3 апреля 2016, 19:08 Foursquare.com
Very authentic Russian cuisine. The best tar tat I've ever taste.
30 марта 2016, 23:45 Foursquare.com
Quality food at reasonable prices.nice ambience and staff.need to book days in advance!open 24h a day.halibut with honey crust is recommended!also a vodka room for VIP Читать дальше...
Irina Henderson
30 ноября 2015, 20:01 Foursquare.com
Great atmosphere with pleasant stuff and very tasty menu. Don't miss the fish with the honey crust and the quail, as well all sorts of juliennes are worth trying. The vodka room is quite impressive :) Читать дальше...
Anna Chuchmek
2 ноября 2015, 23:38 Foursquare.com
Great breakfast, quite reasonable prices
17 октября 2015, 03:33 Foursquare.com
Loved the interior, the design, the service and the food. ;)
Larissa Ferroni
15 октября 2015, 23:45 Foursquare.com
Pelmeni tasted good but had bone pieces in many of them. Schnitzel was dry and too salty, Medovik was good, not awesome. Service is ok, except for reception - awful... Go to Sixty for a great time Читать дальше...
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